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What is a Private Drug Rehab Center?

Quality Inpatient Therapy

Most private drug rehab and treatment centers in the United States are non-profit organizations, regardless of what ideas the name might conjure up. This means these programs are not operated by any government agency and usually do not have any public funding. The programs that we recommend can provide the outcome and level of service that you may be looking for, without having the sky-high prices that some of the private for-profit resort-style centers have. Even though privacy is important and a good setting may be nice, results are still what matter most! We will help you find drug rehab programs that work and will meet your requirements.

Although there is no guarantee that any program will be successful 100% of the time, there are several private drug rehab centers with higher success rates than others, and are not as costly as many alternatives. However, do not be fooled and assume that just because they are more affordable, they are somehow less successful. They still provide long-term treatment, a safe environment and have a high success rate. Private drug rehab programs can cost as much as $50,000 per month or even more, but we use our extensive network to find something much more affordable, something comparable to the average cost for treatment. This may range between $7,000 and $10,000 per month.

Isolated, affordable, and successful - a perfect combination. Of course, the cost and affordability are relative for different locations. If you are willing to travel anywhere in the country, it means that we can work with you to find the ideal setting for your specific situation. We also strive to help find resources such as travel escorts, court appearance specialists, professional interventionists, detox centers and other things that you may need.

Looking for a Private Medical Detox?

There are thousands of run-of-the-mill detox centers out there, but sometimes people want a medical detox facility that goes a little further to help someone safely detox from prescription medication or other drugs. People may want their program to provide a safe, comfortable and discrete environment and demand top-notch medical care that focuses on the patient's overall health. If that sounds like something you are looking for, contact us through our medical detox page to find a medical detox center that offers these qualities and more.

What are the Benefits of Going Private?

The Success from Residential Recovery Care

This is an important question that many of our previous patients have asked as well. We have established that oftentimes a private treatment center costs more than a public facility would, so why even go this way in the first place? Oftentimes public facilities have a much longer waiting list, if you go private, there may be a much shorter wait. There is nothing more frustrating than a person agreeing to seek treatment for addiction, only to find that there is no place for them anywhere. Scientific evidence shows that if a patient has to stay on a waiting list for a long period of time, they are less likely to enter a facility in the end.

There are several reasons for that, including continued drug use while waiting, or the person having a "now or never" attitude when they seek help. Many people seeking help will remain on waiting lists well over a month, though most will not remain interested in entering a program for more than two weeks. Because of the shorter wait, it means the person receives the help they need before they have a chance to change their mind or come up with excuses.

Another benefit is that these types of treatment centers often have more funds available. This means that their medical professionals and staff have higher salaries (meaning that patients receive the best treatment in the field) and that these centers have many extras.

A final benefit to look at is the privacy factor. This means residents have focused treatment services, anonymity and seclusion. They have this and still have a qualified staff of professionals who use proven methods of addiction management. Privacy is not just important for high-level executives or celebrities, 'regular' people may not want their friends, coworkers, or family to know that they are seeking help for addiction.

You can expect to benefit in many different ways:

  • You will enjoy individualized attention from the counselors and staff (they are not overworked).
  • You will enjoy privacy to deal with your own outlook and healing.
  • You will enjoy more information about holistic attributes, aspects such as exercise and diet.
  • You will enjoy better and extensive follow-up care once you leave.

Of course, follow-up care is a vital component of any program because it would be quite difficult to go through periods of doubt alone. Scientific evidence confirms that relapse is much less likely if a patient has a solid aftercare program. Oftentimes there is better and more access to aftercare with one of these programs than with a public health provider.

The Expenses

This is the biggest drawback for many patients, the cost of treatment. While it is true that these facilities are often a bit more expensive, it is also true that "you get what you pay for." To make matters worse, certain facilities may not accept insurance payments or provide insurance billing. This means that the financial burden falls squarely on the patient. Some insurance companies pay upwards of 50 percent, or perhaps a little less. There is no way to give you guaranteed information without knowing your personal situation. If you want to learn more and want to know what type of financial assistance, if any, is available to you, be sure to call our representatives.

A Personal Matter

Recovery Help is Available

When a person seeks professional help for substance abuse or an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is an inherently personal matter. Most people want to shield this information from their family and their place of employment. When a person does not have to worry about things of that nature, it means that the patient can focus on their recovery without having other things on his or her mind. Going private is the best way to get the necessary treatment without worrying about complications that may arise from attending a state-operated or publicly held program.

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