What is a Private Drug Rehab?

Most drug rehab and treatment centers in the United States are private non-profit organizations. This means they are not run by any government agency and usually do not operate on any public funding. They are able to set their own criteria for what type of clients they want to work with as well as the comfort and privacy level they wish to provide. We typically recommend private non-profits because they can provide the outcomes and level of service you may be looking for without the sky-high prices. While privacy and setting may be important, results are still what matter most! We’ll help you find a drug rehab program that works.

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Although there is no guarantee that any program will be successful 100% of the time, there are several private drug rehab centers that are not as costly as most others yet are still long-term, safe, and have a high success rate. Private drug rehab programs can cost as much as $50,000 per month or more, but we try to find something much more affordable and comparable to the average cost for treatment, which is about $7,000 – $10,000 per month.

Private, affordable and successful – the perfect combination. Of course the cost and affordability is relative, if you are willing to travel anywhere in the country then we can work with you to find the ideal setting for your specific situation and help find resources such as travel escorts, court appearance specialists, professional interventionists, private detox clinics and more.